Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dave & Lesslies Egg-Ventures

In the course of Dave's genealogy research, we have learned one of his ancestors was a Hessian mercenary recruited by the British to fight against the Continental Army in 1776. Clever Gen. Washington petitioned the Continental Congress to offer land in the colonies to any mercenary soldier who would defect (but not bear arms against the British). It took several attempts, but the plan was finally put into effect. Dave's great-great-grandfather, Daniel Helgenborg (nowHillenburg ) was granted 50 acres in Wythe County, Virginia. The original portion of the farmhouse was built in the 1780's and the land had been in theHillenburg/Kinzer family until just a few years ago, and other Hillenburg relatives have been lucky enough to see & photograph the interiors as well as the landscape. We had to settle for some great exterior photos ... wouldn't you love to relax in this lovely spot?