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Dear Mark,
     I am one of the hillenburgs. I read your web site and have papers to prove all you have stated on your web page is correct..I won't go into all the business of names.
     A short form is, my grandmother nellie may hillenburg came from the cherokee indian tribe, going back to 1848 in claremore,o.k. She married robert hillenburg in 1894, had 5 children, which are all deceased. The only ones left are the grandchildren. My self,carol hillenburg/stone, Audrey hillenburg/Gillman, and Ann hillenburg/Ellis.  All of us are up in age.
     I realize each hillenburg children from day one went their own way. Even though we may have the hillenburg name we are only related by blood.
     Thank you for taking time to read my letter,
                                                        carol hillenburg/stone

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(Great Article...Thanks Jerry for sharing it with us here at

By Jerry Hillenburg Oct, 2006 (revised April 2011#4)

Grenadier Daniel Hilgenberg of Colonel Ralls Regiment, of the Hessian German Army (6,7) began a family line in America with surnames spelled “Hillenberg” and Hillenburg”.  was born September 10, 1752, in Hesse-Cassel Roehrenfurth Germany to Johann Christian and Anna Sinninger Hilgenberg.

His Regiment was among others that were "rented"  by the British and sent to America to fight the Americans during the Revolutionary war. On August 15, 1776 they “sailed into the harbor near Stanton Island” New York (8).

He and 895 other Hessians were captured on Christmas Eve 1776 at Trenton New Jersey after Washington’s famous Potomac River crossing (6,7). This small but decisive battle was the turning point of the Revolutionary war; it galvanized support for the colonial effort. Daniel and the other Hessians spent over one year as Washington's prisoners before being reunited with the British in the fall of 1778 through a prisoner exchange (8). 

Washington had ordered his men to treat prisoners with “utmost humanity,”(1) so that they would become “fraught with a love of liberty and property."(2) This kindness and a promise of “50 Acres of unappropriated lands” (3,4) caused many of them, including Daniel, to desert the British after the exchange (I cannot verify that Daniel was given any land). This was Washington’s plan. He changed them from being invaders to settlers, neighbors and citizens. 

Daniel deserted the British in April of 1779 (4,6), and in 1780, he purchased and  created a homestead on property that now has an address of 951 Spraker Road Crockett Wythe County Virginia 24323 (10).

Daniel came to America named Daniel Hilgenberg (6), the Trenton prisoner list also calls him Daniel Hilgenberg (5), and he changed his name to Daniel Hillenberg just before his death in June 19 1819. Many of his children changed the spelling to "Hillenburg".

He and Mary Barbara Shrader married on March 25, 1787 and they are the parents of 13 children. Among them is Crisley Hillenburg b.1810 d. 1902, who is the father of Andrew Jackson Hillenburg (Union Civil War Vet.) b. 1844 d. 1907, who is the father of George Washington Hillenburg b. 1871 d. 1958, who is the father of Marshal Hillenburg b. 1905 d. 1965, who is the father of my father Willard Hillenburg (WW2 Vet).

I have visited Daniel’s homesite twice. The original log house and hand hewn timber frame barn still stands (10). So there you have it! The Hillenburg link to what some call the most pivotal point in American History.

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  10. 10.   Google map link to 951 Spraker Rd.;,+Crockett,+Wythe,+Virginia+24323&gl=us&ll=36.861862,-81.208542&spn=0.002228,0.002242&t=h&z=19

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Recently Ron Deckard send me some interesting research that he had been doing into Daniel Hilgenberg.  Here is some correspondence below that is pretty interesting.

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Recently A nice gentleman Ron McCurdy sent me an 86 page document that counts down the Hillenburg Genealogy from 1600 to current. It even includes me and my kids. Awesome. Thanks Ron.

You can download it for yourself here.

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Johannes Daniel Hillenburg (B. 1752) Germany m. Mary Shrader
John Lewis Hillenburg (B. 1789) Virginia m. Anne Kinser
Daniel Hillenburg Sr. (B. 1823) Virginia m. Anne Mitchell
George Mitchell Hillenburg (B. 2/12/1860) Virginia m. M. Arcelia Spivey
Wilburn John Hillenburg (B. 1/12/1913) AR (1 of 9 children)

Your side of the family is closely related with the Hillenburg's in Indiana. All of whom are descended from John Lewis Hillenburg Sr. whose sons and grandsons followed his migration from Virginia. John was the first to move around 1840 after he was widowed and remarried.

This is all about George Mitchell:

· ID: I01166
· Name
: George Mitchell HILLENBERG
· Sex
: M
· Birth
: 12 FEB 1860 in Spring Valley, Grayson, VA 1 2
· Death
: 21 JAN 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK 3
· Census
: 8 JUN 1900 Harris, Ripley, MO 4
· Census
: 19 APR 1910 Natura, Okmulgee, OK 5
· Census
: 2 FEB 1920 Hominy, Osage, OK 6
· Census
: 29 APR 1930 Franklin, Greene, MO 7
· Residence
: APR 1911 Pike, AR-gave permission for marriage 8
· Residence
: BEF 1886 Randolph, AR
· Residence
: AFT 1886 Migrated to Ripley, MO aft 1880.
· Residence
: 1932 706 N. Quincy-grocer
· Residence
: BET APR 1934 AND JAN 1935 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK
: 28 AUG 1918 Land Record Osage Co, OK Vol25Pg545
· Burial
: Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Pleasant Hope, Polk, MO
· Occupation
: 8 JUN 1900 Farmer 4
· Occupation
: 19 APR 1910 Farmer 5
· Occupation
: 2 FEB 1920 Teamster-Oil Field 9
· Occupation
: 29 APR 1930 Farmer 7
· Occupation
: 24 JAN 1935 Retired Farmer
· Note
: Buried in Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Pleasant Hope, Polk, MO.

Father: Daniel HILLENBURG b: ABT 1823 in Wythe, VA
: Anna Elizabeth MITCHELL b: NOV 1825 in VA

Marriage 1 M. Arcelia SPIVEY b: 21 FEB 1871 in Demun, Randolph, AR

  • Married: 6 MAR 1886 in Ripley, MO 10 5 4
  • Note: "Ripley County Records, Marriages 1881-1887" George Hellenburg to Celia Spivey (both of Randolph County, AR) F.W. Bell, JP. (Bride not 18, but has no living parents to give consent to marriage).


  1. James Oscar HILLENBURG b: 30 NOV 1891 in Ripley, MO
  2. Andrew Francis HILLENBURG b: 25 JUN 1893 in Ripley, MO
  3. Effie HILLENBURG b: NOV 1895 in Ripley, MO
  4. Ada HILLENBURG b: JUL 1898 in Ripley, MO
  5. George E. HILLENBURG b: 18 MAY 1902 in MO
  6. Morris L. HILLENBURG b: 29 JUL 1904 in MO
  7. Veda V. HILLENBURG b: 1907 in MO
  8. William J. HILLENBURG b: 3 SEP 1909 in Pleasant Hope, Greene, MO
  9. Wilburn John HILLENBURG b: 12 JAN 1913 in Peach Orchard, AR
    (this is my Grandfather...)


John Wilburn Hillenburg was born January 12, 1913 in Peach Orchard, AR.and died September 10, 1954 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO, He married Minnie Mae Love on June 11, 1932 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO. She died February 4, 1993. Both Wilburn and Minnie are buried in the Pleasant Hope Cemetery in Pleasant Hope, Polk Co., MO.

Children of Wilburn Hillenburg and Minnie Mae Love are:

  • Wanda Lee Hillenburg b. July 19, 1935 in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Juanita Jane Hillenburg b. June 9, 1939 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • John Wilbur Hillenburg b. June 21, 1941 in Springfield, MO d. June 4, 2003
  • Kaye Frances Hillenburg b. May 14, 1943 d. June 1943 from complications of whooping cough
  • George Wayne Hillenburg b. August 24, 1944 in New Hope, Greene Co., MO
    (This is My Dad...)
Wanda Lee Hillenburg was born July 19, 1935. She married Gregory J. Dixon September 4, 1953 at High St. Baptist Church in Springfield, Greene Co., MO. He was born May 2, 1932 in Wichita, KS.

Children of Wanda Lee Hillenburg and Gregory J Dixon are:

  • Gregory Alan Dixon b. August 9, 1955
  • Robin Lynn Dixon b. March11, 1957
  • Jennifer Lee Dixon b. September 1, 1965

Juanita Jane Hillenburg was born June 9, 1939. She married Henry Q. Westrup June 12, 1956 at High St. Baptist Church in Springfield, Greene, Co., MO. He was born September 26, 1934 in San Antonio, Texas.

John Wilbur Hillenburg was born June 21, 1941 in Springfield, MO and died June 2003. He married Letha Blanche Trantham October 4, 1962 in Springfield, Greene, Co., MO. She was born March 20, 1938 and died June 19, 1987. John Wilbur Hillenburg is buried in Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Pleasant Hope, Polk, Co., MO

Children of John Wilbur Hillenburg and Letha Blanche Trantham are:

  • Melissa Ann Hillenburg b. and d. March 1967 Buried Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Pleasant Hope, Polk, Co, MO.
  • Michele Rene Hillenburg b. February 15, 1968

John Wilbur Hillenburg married Patricia Sue Brophy February 10, 1988. She was born May 5, 1942.

George Wayne Hillenburg was born August 24, 1944. He married Linda Kay Doubt February 19,1966 at High St. Baptist Church, Springfield, Greene Co., MO. She was born February 5, 1943 in Kirbyville, Taney Co., MO.

Children of George Wayne Hillenburg and Linda Kay Doubt are:

Mark Alan Hillenburg b. February 15, 1969 in Kansas City, Kansas (This is ME!)

Rebecca Lynn Hillenburg b. April 17, 1976 in Mount Vernon, MO.

Gregory Alan Dixon (Wanda Hillenburg Dixon, Wilburn Hillenburg, George Mitchell Hillenburg) was born August 9, 1955 in Springfield, MO. He married Kathleen Shannon August 15, 1980 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Children of Gregory Alan Dixon and Kathleen Shannon are:

Shannon Christine Dixon b. June 22, 1984

Lindsey Marie Dixon b. September 12, 1987

Hannah Joelle Dixon b. July 9, 1993

Olivia Jane Dixon b. September 17, 1996

Robin Lynn Dixon (Wanda Hillenburg Dixon, Wilburn Hlllenburg, George Mitchell Hillenburg) was born March 11, 1957 in Indianapolis, Indiana, She married Allen Helton June 12, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Child of Robin Lynn Dixon and Allen Helton is:

Danielle Lee Helton b. May 11, 1987

Jennifer Lee Dixon (Wanda Hillenburg Dixon, Wilburn Hillenburg, George Mitchell Hillenburg) was born September 1, 1965 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She married Eric Garcia November 30,1991.

Children of Jennifer Lee Dixon and Eric Garcia are:

Hudson Nieto Garcia b. March 20, 1994

Erika Lee Garcia b. March 28, 1996

Elliot Dixon Garcia b. July 13, 1998

Wesley Alan Garcia b. July 13, 1998

Michele Rene Hillenburg (John Wilbur Hillenburg, Wilburn Hillenburg, George Mitchell Hillenburg ) was born February 15, 1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She married Gary Burk March 19, 1988 at Baptist Temple, Springfield, Greene, Co. MO.

Child of Michele Rene Hillenburg and Gary Burk is:

Aaron Jacob Burk b. July 23, 1995

Mark Alan Hillenburg (George Wayne Hillenburg, Wilburn Hillenburg, George Mitchell Hillenburg ) was born February 15, 1969. He married Cynthia Carroll Lindsey July 29, 1989 at High St. Baptist Church in Springfield, Greene Co., MO.

Children of Mark Alan Hillenburg and Cynthia Carroll Lindsey are:

Skyler Elizabeth Hillenburg b. February 9, 1990

Barrett Jacob Hillenburg b. October 1, 1993

Rebecca Lynn Hillenburg (George Wayne Hillenburg, Wilburn Hillenburg, George Mitchell Hlllenburg ) was born April 17, 1976. She married Jonathan Kent Liles May 24, 1996 at High St. Baptist Church in Springfield, Greene, Co., MO.

Children of Rebecca Lynn Hillenburg and Jonathan Kent Liles are:

Kenteth Wayne Liles b. December 2, 1998

Ethan Andrew Liles b. December 28, 1999

Natalie Elaine Liles b. April 21, 2003

· ID: I535261363

· Name: Daniel HILLENBURG

· Given Name: Daniel

· Surname: Hillenburg

· Sex: M

· Birth: September 10, 1752 in Rohrenfurth, Hesse-Kassel Germany

· Death: 1819 in Wythe County, Virginia

· Note:

Properly named Johann Daniel Hillenburg he changed the spelling of his name several times upon coming to America.

During the American Revolutionary War 1776 the British Army brought forth what was know as Hessian Soldiers. These soldiers were of German Descent, coming from the area of Hessen-Cassel, Germany. Thus the name Hessian derived. One such soldier was Johann Daniel Hilgenberg.

Daniel Hilgenberg as he was called was born September 10, 1752 at Rohrenfurth, Hessen-Cassel, Germany. Entering the Hessian Army at the age of 24, Daniel shipped to America to help the British during the American Revolutionary War. A grenadier in Rall's also known as Von Rall's Regiment Company 2, Daniel fought in New York and New Jersey. Captured by Washington's Troops at Trenton, Daniel became a POW one year before being exchanged. After the Battle of Savannah Daniel deserted at Zitterauer's Bridge near Purysburg, South Carolina on April 24, 1779. Other Hessians also left at this time and Daniel may have accompanied one to North Carolina. Some believe Daniel joined the American Forces, but I have found no proof of this thus far.

Daniel settled on Spraker Road near Crockett, Virginia, changed his name to Hildenberg and engaged in linen weaving. He married Barbara Shrader or Shrider in 1787 in Montgomery, Virginia. Daniel and Mary became the parents of nine daughters and four sons, all born in Wythe County, Virginia. Three of these daughters married sons of Jacob Deckert/Deckard of Wythe County, Virginia

In 1819 and right before his death, Daniel changed his name to Hillenberg.
Hillenburg, Hiltonberg, Hilenberg, Heltonberg, Hylenberg, Hylgenberg, and Hiltonberg are just some of the spelling variations used by descendants in the Hilgenberg line .
Upon his death Daniel was buried on his land. John Wampler was appointed guardian of Daniel's children and later married Mary Barbara Shrader Hilgenberg, Daniel's widow. John and Mary were married January 14, 1821. Daniel Hillenberg Jr. purchased Daniel Sr.'s farm from the heirs on October 25, 1834. It later was passed on to Daniel Jr's son Eli Hillenberg. Daniel Jr. son of Johann Daniel Hillenberg/Helgenberg and his sons were Virginia Confederate Soldiers. Daniel Jr.'s son Eli Hillenberg died in 1897 and was buried at Kings Grove Methodist Cemetery.

Father: Johann Christian HILGENBERG

Marriage 1 Mary Barbara SHRADER b: 1770 in Maryland

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