Saturday, September 07, 2013

Dear Mark,
     I am one of the hillenburgs. I read your web site and have papers to prove all you have stated on your web page is correct..I won't go into all the business of names.
     A short form is, my grandmother nellie may hillenburg came from the cherokee indian tribe, going back to 1848 in claremore,o.k. She married robert hillenburg in 1894, had 5 children, which are all deceased. The only ones left are the grandchildren. My self,carol hillenburg/stone, Audrey hillenburg/Gillman, and Ann hillenburg/Ellis.  All of us are up in age.
     I realize each hillenburg children from day one went their own way. Even though we may have the hillenburg name we are only related by blood.
     Thank you for taking time to read my letter,
                                                        carol hillenburg/stone